International Board on the Applications of the Mössbauer Effect

Revised Through July 2002

I - Name

The Board shall be called The International Board on the Applications of the Mössbauer Effect (henceforth referred to as the IBAME).

II - Objectives

The objectives of the Board will be to (i) advance the diffusion of knowledge in the field of the Mössbauer effect and its applications; (ii) promote the activities of the international community working in this interdisciplinary field of basic and applied research; (iii) attempt the harmonisation of venues and dates of the various international and continental Mössbauer conferences to avoid duplication; (iv) encourage the participation of young research workers and research workers of weak resource countries.

III - Membership

There will be three categories of Membership of the Board:

(i) Elected Members

These will be elected by Mössbauer spectroscopists in individual countries. The number of representatives of each country will depend on the total number of participants from that country in the three preceding International Conferences on the Applications of the Mössbauer Effect (ICAME). Countries having more than 100 participants in total will be allowed up to three representatives; those having greater than 25 participants will be allowed up to two representatives; and those having greater than 5 participants will be allowed one representative. Countries with no representation on the Board may combine their participation at ICAME with that of other countries by mutual agreement and the combined grouping thereby qualify for no more than one representative on the Board. In calculating the total number of participants in the three preceding ICAME any country which hosts an ICAME will not count its participants in the year when it hosts ICAME. Its participation will be calculated by multiplying the average of its participants in the other two ICAME by three.

When, after an ICAME, a country qualifies for a decrease in its representation to IBAME, such a decrease will take effect from the first election that would normally be held in that country. In circumstances where this involves a decrease from 3 to 2, or 2 to 1 or 1 to 0 representative to IBAME, any currently Elected Members of IBAME in that country will be required to stand for re-election if they wish to retain their Membership.

The election of representatives of individual countries will be amongst the Mössbauer spectroscopists in that country, preferentially by secret ballot. The Executive Members of the Board will assist, advise, and may appoint a person to organise the election if they judge necessary. The Chairman of IBAME must be informed, in writing, of the result immediately after any election. Elected Members will only be admitted to Membership if the Executive Members judge that the Member has been properly elected. In the event of any doubt about Elected Membership the Executive Members will make the final decision.

Elected Members will hold office for a maximum of six years (shorter periods of office are allowed if preferred by the individual countries). At the first election one third of the Members will be elected for two years, one third for four years, and one third for six years. Re-election is allowed. Approximately one third of the Elected Membership will be elected every two years.

An Elected Member unable to attend a meeting of the IBAME may send in writing an opinion and a vote to the Chairman or may request a representative of the country concerned to participate in a meeting of the IBAME and to vote without that person becoming an Elected Member.

The Board may allow a country which is not represented or which, in the opinion of the Board, is under represented to elect an additional Member. The Board will also co-opt Members with specific expertise.

(ii) Honorary Members

Election of Honorary Members of the Board will be for life and will be exceptional. The maximum number of Honorary Members should preferably be restricted to five. The nomination of an Honorary Member shall be by any Mössbauer spectroscopist and shall be made to the Chairman of the IBAME in the form of a written statement (not exceeding 500 words) on the merits of the nominee. Election of an Honorary Member will be by secret ballot at a meeting of the IBAME when the votes of at least two thirds of the total Membership are received (either in person or in written form) and when the nominee receives the votes of at least two thirds of the Members voting.

(iii) Executive Members

Executive Members will be elected by the IBAME but need not be Elected Members of the IBAME. If an Executive Member is already an Elected Member of the IBAME then the country which he/she represents will be able to elect another representative. The Executive Members will be the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the IBAME together with one other person. Executive Members will hold office for a maximum of six years. No more than two Members will be elected at any one time. At the first election two Members will be elected for four years and the other for six years. Re-election is allowed.

IV - Government

The Executive Members will assist the Chairman in executing the responsibilities and duties of IBAME. The Chairman shall consult with other Executive Members before taking an important decision. The Vice-Chairman shall act in the place of the Chairman if the latter is unable to act.

If there is a need for IBAME to make a discussion on a matter when a meeting of IBAME is not scheduled within a reasonable timescale, then the Secretary of IBAME, after consultation with the Chairman and the Vice Chairman, will seek the views of IBAME members by electronic means. The executive Members will agree the consensus opinion. In the exceptional circumstances of time not being available to consult the Members of IBAME, the decision will be taken by the Chairman after consultation with the Vice Chairman and Secretary and a full explanation of circumstances and decisions taken circulated to IBAME Members immediately.

V - Conferences

The Board will be responsible for arranging the Meetings venue of ICAME and will also support other conferences and activities as it sees appropriate. The Board will take no financial or organizational responsibilities for such events.

VI - Amendments

No part of this Constitution shall be amended except by a meeting of the IBAME when two thirds of the votes of Members are received (either in person or in written form) and the amendment has been submitted in writing at least two months before the meeting and it is approved by at least two thirds of the Members voting.

VII - Dispute

In the event of any dispute between the Executive Members and the IBAME, the IBAME will make the final decision.

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