Mössbauer Milestones
Awards and Honors Göstar Klingelhöfer (Published June 2007)
Eddy De Grave (Published November 2006)
Rosa Bernstein Scorzelli (Published September 2006)

Birthdays Rudolph L. Mössbauer (Published January 2009)
Gennadii V. Smirnov (Published June 2007)
Sh. Sh. Bashkirov (Published November 2006)

Passings Jean-Marie Friedt (Published January 2009)
Francisco Eiichi Fujita (Published February 2008)
Ulrich Gonser (Published January 2008)
E. F. Makarov (Published May 2007)
Gilbert J. Perlow (Published February 2007)

Mössbauer Effect Data Center – February 2009

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